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Atlantic Coast Crushers Designs, Manufactures, and Sells Size Reduction Machinery for Use in Various Industries

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Product Line


A crushing machine designed to work in liquid or powder pipeline systems.

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An economical single shaft machine, reduces dry bulk materials to a fine particle size.

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A high-capacity, heavy-duty, single or double shaft crusher, reduces large wet or dry materials to a free-flowing size.

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A compact, high-speed, high-output machine use to reduce chunks or lumps of dry materials to a fine output size.

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What Our Products Can Do For You

  • Reducing Large Chunks of Material into consistent, free flowing size as they travel in the production line.
  • Allowing product transport equipment to run at its most efficient state.
  • Preventing clogs and blockages in order to keep production lines running.
  • Increasing available surface area of the product, which causes reactive processes to happen faster & more completely.

Material Testing Capabilities

Processing a small quantity of product is an excellent way for both ACC and the customer to evaluate Machine selection. Based on the results and our experience, we can achieve a good understanding of the output size and the flow-rate that can be achieved with our equipment.

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Let us help you find the right solution for your needs.

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