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Flow Sentry

The Flow-Sentry Crusher is a size reduction machine designed with a round configuration for pipe or round tube transport systems. The Flow-Sentry employs a single Shaft with welded Blades, and a set of stationary Bars mounted to the walls of the body. As the Shaft rotates the Blades pass through the slots in the stationary bars of the sizing grid. The sizing grid prevents oversize materials from passing through until they are impacted and shattered by the spinning blades. The process stream that passes through the Flow-Sentry is consistent and free-flowing.

The Flow-Sentry’s design advantages allow it to be easily integrated into numerous locations and applications beyond the obvious pumped liquid slurry systems. The machine works well with liquid, slurry, or dry powder processes, and it’s applications include pumped slurry systems, pneumatic transfer systems, gravity systems such as silo or bulk bag feed or discharge systems, and above or below rotary airlocks.

Crushing the oversize lumps in the process stream improves process efficiency by preventing line clogs and blockages, by protecting pumps and other downstream equipment, by allowing more accurate metering, and by increasing the available surface area of the crushed material which improves the speed of downstream production processes.

Flow Sentry

Our isolated bearing design helps to prevent a seal failure from affecting the bearings, and the Flow-Sentry’s patented construction (US Patent # 6,024,310) greatly simplifies maintenance and allows for remarkable flexibility in design.

The standard Flow-Sentry design is made with standard ANSI flange dimensions in sizes from 3” diameter to 24” diameter, but many options are available.

Available options include; special blade arrangements and slot widths, designs for high pressure and/or temperature applications, and many others. For challenging space restricted applications the Flow-Sentry is available with special inlet and outlet configurations, including ANSI or DIN flanges or sanitary ferrules, BFM fittings and many others. We also can incorporate custom fabricated flanges including square or rectangular configurations or include square-to-round or round-to-round reducing transitions within the machine. Our exclusive “wafer” arrangement with face-to-face dimensions as short as 1.75 inches can be used in especially tight locations.

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Crushers Flow Sentry

What Is the Flow-Sentry Crusher?

The Flow-Sentry is an in-line machine that guards downstream equipment by crushing any solids that can clog or damage other components within the system. The fully enclosed crushing device proactively mitigates the risk of blockage and equipment damage by crushing oversized lumps as they travel through the system, allowing the process to operate more reliably.

Flow-Sentry’s Design

Advantages of introducing a Flow-Sentry include:

  • Crushing rocks and solids that can jeopardize downstream tools or cause clogs in a reactor chamber
  • Increase the surface area of ore and rock for speedy downstream handling
  • Accurate processing data collection and metering
  • Safer, more consistent processing

Applications of Flow Sentry Crushing Machines

Atlantic Coast Crushers Model 18FS-04 Flow Sentry Data

The Flow-Sentry units is suitable for use in virtually any system that relies on a consistent flow of material for processing and is jeopardized by agglomerations or chunks of materials in the process flow. The Flow-Sentry design is built to accommodate the needs of machinery and applications across diverse industries, not just pumped slurry flows. Some of the most popular applications for our Flow-Sentry crushing machines include the following:

  • Pneumatic transfer systems
  • Silo, bulk feed, and discharge systems
  • Above or below rotary airlocks
  • Chemical and petrochemical processing
  • Pulp and paper facilities
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Food processing
  • Plastics processing systems

Why Partner With Atlantic Coast Crushers?

Atlantic Coast Crushers Model 18FS-04 Flow Sentry

Atlantic Coast Crushers is a leading manufacturer and provider of heavy-duty crushers built to optimize the flow of slurries and materials in commercial, industrial, and municipal processing systems. We specialize in innovation, so we’re constantly refining our designs to meet the increasingly unique needs of diverse clients. When you choose Atlantic Coast Crushers, we’ll work with you to find the right unit to optimize your facility’s output. We offer a wide range of products and one-on-one services to help you find the perfect fit.

Order Your Flow Sentry Crusher From Atlantic Coast Crushers Today

Flow-Sentry crushers are built to handle difficult materials that could otherwise clog or interrupt the flow in your processing systems. We have multiple patents and are always developing new solutions to resolve complex size reduction needs. Contact us today to learn more about the specifications of our different crushing units and to start your search for the right-fit solution.