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Flow SentryA Flow-Sentry is a crushing machine designed to work in liquid or powder pipeline systems and is a fully enclosed crushing device designed to reduce oversize lumps as they travel through a pipe or tube. The Flow-Sentry employs a single set of rotating blades to impact and shatter at close clearance any materials too large to pass between the stationary bars of a sizing grid. Products that pass through the Flow-Sentry are consistent, free-flowing and are often substantially smaller than the slot width of the sizing grid.

Crushing the oversize lumps in the process stream improves efficiency by preventing blockages and pump cavitation, by allowing more accurate metering, and by increasing the available surface area of the crushed material, which improves the speed of downstream production processes . The Flow-Sentry makes use of ACC’s patented “-04” design (US Patent # 6,024,310) for remarkable flexibility in design, and also incorporates our isolated bearing design, which separates the bearings from the seals.

Flow SentryThe design also incorporates our isolated bearing design, which prevents a seal failure from affecting the bearings. Other available options include; special blade arrangements and slot widths, special inlet and outlet configurations (including ANSI or DIN flanges), sanitary ferrules, custom fabricated flanges (including square or rectangular configurations), our exclusive “wafer” arrangement (with face-to-face dimensions as short as 1.75 inches), and designs for high pressure and/or temperature applications.

The “-04” design advantage allows the Flow-Sentry to be easily integrated into numerous locations and applications beyond the obvious pumped liquid slurry systems. Applications include pneumatic transfer systems, gravity systems such as silo or bulk bag feed or discharge systems, and only above or below rotary airlocks.

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