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Oversize lumps/chunks of agglomerated solids in industrial process streams often lead to system blockages that can interrupt processing, put excess stress on equipment, and lead to unscheduled downtime. For the majority of our size reduction applications a “free flowing” output size is acceptable. However a significant number of applications require the process material to be reduced to a more “fine” and more consistent output size.

ACC offers our Particle-Sizer Crusher to meet this need.

What is the Particle-Sizer Crusher?

The Particle-Sizer is a compact, high capacity size reduction machine that can be used by itself with moderately oversize materials or in combination with our other equipment to reduce large “chunks” or “lumps” to a fine powder.

The typical Particle-Sizer uses a high speed shaft with spiked blades to sweep and cut against a series of stationary bars mounted in a “Sizing Cage”. This cutting action can reduce friable materials to a fine output size – down to 30 mesh or less depending on material characteristics and the Sizing Cage spacing. The Particle Sizer Cages are available in multiple different combinations to provide different output particle size distributions.

Since each Particle Sizer will have multiple “Cages” available different output sizes can be achieved, and in many cases, by using different Cages and speeding up or slowing down the Shaft speed, special particle size distributions can be achieved.

Another advantage of the Particle Sizer design is that the dynamic crushing action of the Spiked Cutters driving the powder chunks against the Sizing Cage Bars at high speed is that the processing capacity of the machine is remarkably high for their size – in excess of 100 tons per hour for the larger units.

The bodies of the Particle-Sizer designs are typically bolted together for easy disassembly and maintenance, and the design also incorporates our isolated bearing design, which prevents a seal failure from affecting the bearings. The Flow-Smasher designs are very compact, have a short face-to-face dimension. In addition the design allows for a variety of different Shaft and Blade configurations. Particle-Sizers are available with either one or two Shafts.

Common sizes for the Inlet/Outlet dimensions of the Particle Sizer range from 6” x 6”, up to 22”x24” and larger when needed.

Additional Benefits of a Particle-Sizer Crusher

Incorporating a Particle-Sizer Crusher into your processing operations can result in a number of additional benefits, including:

  • Crushing oversized materials in the process stream, you can improve efficiency by increasing the surface area of the crushed materials, which allows for faster melting or other chemical reactions.
  • Having a consistent and predictable particle size allows for more efficient and more accurate weight or volume metering. Accurate metering will enhances the speed of your downstream production processes.
  • Having a small consistent feed size can reduce the wear and tear on downstream equipment such as conveyors, mixers, blenders, etc.

Why Partner With Atlantic Coast Crushers for Crushing Equipment?

At Atlantic Coast Crushers, we specialize in providing our clients with high-quality crushing equipment that’s designed to make batch processing and the transportation of free-flowing solids easier. We specialize in designing specialized tools and equipment that can crush, cut, and break down oversize solids into free flowing powders.

Our team of crushing and material experts will help you find the right crusher unit for your materials and production line.

If one of our existing units doesn’t fit your requirements, we’ll help design and build a customized Crusher to fit your specifications and application needs.

Contact Atlantic Coast Crushers Today for Crushing Equipment

Size Reduction / Crushing equipment can optimize your production process by reducing the risks of oversize materials causing obstructions and blockages by breaking them down to free-flowing, consistently-sized particles. Contact Atlantic Coast Crushers today to learn more about our Flow-Sizer Crushers and our other equipment and custom capabilities.