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Flow Sizer
In compartments with free-flowing solids, there is a risk that obstructions and larger substances will lead to system blockages that can interrupt processing, put excess stress on equipment, and lead to unscheduled downtime. However, companies can mitigate the risk of these events by breaking down oversized particles and developing obstructions with crushing equipment, such as Flow-Sizers. These tools use physical impact and pressure to break down lumps, increasing their surface area and general flow.

What Is Flow-Sizer?

A Flow-Sizer is an economical, heavy-duty piece of equipment that can crush dry, bulky units of material into fine, consistent, and free-flowing particles. Through dynamic crushing action, Flow-Sizers can break up and disperse troublesome large materials. Specifically, this equipment uses a large diameter drum with securely-welded short blades that pass through the slots of stationary Breaker Bars at close clearance. This allows the blades to function as a series of crushing, cutting hammers.

Particles that are small enough can pass through the Breaker Bar slots and continue through the machine, while oversized materials are trapped in the impact area and are hammered, cut, and crushed until they reach a consistent, free-flowing size.

Depending on your particular needs, Flow-Sizers are offered with Course, Standard, or Fine Blade/Breaker Bar configurations. Sanitary, polished, and side or end Access Plate designs are also available.

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Crushers Flow Sizers

Benefits of the Flow-Sizer

By incorporating a flow-sizer into processing operations, your organization can access several benefits, including:

  • Improved Efficiency. By crushing oversized materials in the process stream, you can improve efficiency by increasing the surface area of the crushed materials, allowing for accurate metering, and preventing blockages. Doing this enhances the speed of your downstream production processes.
  • Accommodating Design. Our Flow-Sizers feature a beneficial design. Their bodies are bolted together to allow for straightforward disassembly and maintenance, and they also feature an isolated bearing design to prevent seal failure from affecting the bearings.
  • Compact Size. Flow-Sizers are very compact and have short dimensions for easy integration with conveyor systems, chutes, ducts, above or below rotary airlock feeders or screw feeds, and within pneumatic feed or silo discharge systems. This easy integration makes flow-sizers versatile enough for use across almost any system in multiple different industries that rely on batches of solid goods.

Why Partner With Atlantic Coast Crushers for Crushing Equipment?

At Atlantic Coast Crushers, we specialize in providing our clients with high-quality crushing equipment that’s designed to make batch processing and the transportation of free-flowing solids easier. We design specialized tools and equipment that can crush, cut, and powderize solids. Our machinery is powerful enough to break down oversized lumps, chunks, and formations of dry materials. 

Along with providing reliable cutting and crushing power, our crushing equipment can process dry material into consistently sized particles for easier handling, processing, and transportation of sellable units. 

Our team of crushing and material experts will help you find the right crusher unit for your materials, existing processing equipment, and business needs. If one of our existing units doesn’t fit your requirements, we’ll help design and build a customized flow-sizer crushing unit to fit your specifications and intended applications.

Contact Atlantic Coast Crushers Today for Crushing Equipment

Crushing equipment can optimize your production systems by reducing the risks of oversized obstructions and blockages while breaking down free-flowing solids into consistently-sized particles. Contact Atlantic Coast Crushers today to learn more about our Flow-Sizer crushing equipment and custom capabilities.