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Flow SizerThe Flow-Sizer is an economical, heavy duty Crusher designed to reduce dry bulk materials to a consistent, fine, free-flowing size. It employs a dynamic crushing action to break up and disperse troublesome oversize materials. Crushing the oversize lumps in the process stream improves efficiency by preventing blockages, by allowing more accurate metering, and by increasing the available surface area of the crushed material, which improves the speed of downstream production processes. The Flow-Sizer utilizes a large diameter drum with short blades securely welded in place. These Blades pass through the slots of stationary Breaker Bars at close clearance, and act like a series of crushing, cutting hammers. Particles smaller than the Breaker Bar slots continue through the machine, while larger particles are trapped in the impact area until they are impacted and crushed to a consistent, free flowing size.

The bodies of the Flow-Sizer designs are typically bolted together for easy disassembly and maintenance. The design also incorporates our isolated bearing design, which prevents a seal failure from affecting the bearings. The Flow-Sizer’s compact design and short face to face dimension allows for easy integration with ducts, chutes, and conveyor systems, above or below rotary airlock feeders or screw feeders, or within silo discharge or pneumatic feed systems. The Flow-Sizer is offered with Fine, Standard or Coarse Blade/Breaker Bar configurations. Polished, sanitary, and side or end Access Plate designs are also available.

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