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Material Testing

Testing of Product Samples

Since material characteristics vary widely it is often difficult to predict flow-rates or the particle size output that our machines could achieve. Generally speaking, processing a small quantity of product is an excellent way for both ACC and the customer to evaluate Machine selection. Based on the results of the product test and our experience with other materials, we generally achieve a good understanding of the output size and the flow-rate that can be achieved with our equipment. For this reason we typically run our tests at no charge and, although the availability of specific machines can vary, we keep several different types of our machines available to run tests.

Sample Testing Policy

  • We ask that the customer notify us before shipping a sample, and enclose a business card or other reference to help us identify the source of the sample when it arrives.
  • We do not run tests on hazardous or explosive materials, and ask that an MSDS sheet be supplied for all of samples that require one. Any special handling requirements should be clearly outlined prior to shipping.
  • The customer is responsible for inbound and outbound shipping costs. Generally speaking, we will ship the processed sample back via UPS or Federal Express, so please provide your shipper number along with the sample if possible. Any special shipping documentation or instructions should also be provided.
  • We generally limit the amount of material processed to less than 100 pounds. One or two 5-gallon pails of material are generally sufficient for our purposes. We suggest that you provide us with both typical problem lumps and the worst case material for our best evaluation.

More extensive testing, sieve analysis, witnessed tests, video taped tests etc., are also available but may require us to charge a fee. This is evaluated on a case by case basis, and if there is a charge we generally credit the cost towards purchase.

Samples should be sent to:
Atlantic Coast Crushers Inc.
128 Market Street
Kenilworth NJ 07033
Attn: Sales / Sample Testing