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Flow Smasher

Flow Smasher™

Flow Smasher

Flow Smasher Crushers are heavy duty, high torque, high capacity crushing machines capable of reducing large chunks of friable bulk materials to a consistent and free-flowing size. The machines employ a dynamic crushing action to break up and disperse troublesome materials. Crushing the oversize lumps in the process stream improves efficiency by preventing blockages, by allowing more accurate metering, and by increasing the available surface area of the crushed material, which improves the speed of downstream production processes.

Typical Flow-Smasher designs use one or two rotating Shafts with Blades and a sizing grid with individually replaceable cross-bars . Particles smaller than the grid slots pass easily through the machine while any oversize materials are trapped within the impact area. The rotating Blades, acting like a series of crushing hammers, impact and shatter the trapped chunks and produce an output that is consistent and free-flowing. Flow-Smashers with two shafts have counter-rotating blades. The counter-rotation draws the oversize material between the shafts, where it is impacted by both sets of blades. This enables the Flow-Smasher to break up larger, denser materials and, since the blade design is self- cleaning, it is often used for problem materials that are sticky or tend to bridge.

Hedgehog™, Brickbreaker™, and Bear-Claw™

Flow Smasher

The Hedgehog, Brickbreaker, and Bear-Claw are variations of the typical two shaft Flow-Smasher design, and have special Blade arrangements. The Hedgehog is designed to process very high capacities of materials to a fine output size, and also works well to tear long, thin boards, slabs, or tiles into small pieces. The Brickbreaker and Bear-Claw designs concentrate their high torque and power to break up large, hard blocks of material.

The bodies of the Flow-Smasher designs are typically bolted together for easy disassembly and maintenance. The design also incorporates our isolated bearing design, which prevents a seal failure from affecting the bearings. The FlowSmasher is also available in ACC’s new patented “- 04” design. The “-04” design allows for remarkable flexibility in the design of new blade arrangements, special inlet and outlet configurations, and extremely short face-to-face dimensions. The Flow-Smasher designs are very compact, have exceptionally short face-to-face dimensions, and are available with a variety of Motor and Drive configurations which allow easy integration with ducts, chutes and conveyor systems, above or below rotary airlocks, in silo discharges, or in bulk bag unloaders.